Fresh and Sensational!

The Creation Station Opening at ALL Cobb County High Schools

Get ready for some exciting changes this year at high schools all across Cobb County as we add new freshness to your variety and shake up the school lunch program. With the start of the new school year, high school cafeterias will also get something new, a Creation Station for lunch service.

You might be asking, “What is that?” Both students and staff will now have the power to fuel their own culinary creation through the inclusion of a variety of fresh ingredients that will include seasonal vegetables, Georgia Grown produce (Yay Local!), and much more! If options such as spinach, tomatoes, banana peppers, corn, beans, cheese, cucumbers, eggs, chicken, and much more appeal to you, then create it the way you want it!

Monique Johnson, MS., RDN., LD., Associate Director, Nutrition & Menus states, “We [Food and Nutrition Services] piloted the Creation Station program at four high schools last year and had great success. We are excited to expand this opportunity to all of our high school students and staff.”

Will Snead, MS., RDN., LD., Wellness Assistant Director, added: “Salad bars have been well received in the multiple counties that have implemented them. Research has shown that salad bars increase the student’s vegetable consumption and offers not only a variety but empowers the student to make their own choice at what salad “concoction” they want to try. It really is a fun concept and Cobb County is excited to offer it.”

The Creation Station is available for everyone to enjoy and falls under the regular pricing for lunch. Parents: please encourage your child to check it out and let us know what they think. Questions? Contact Will Snead at