The research is clear that when schools and families support each other, students of all backgrounds and various abilities achieve at higher levelsNo matter what their family income or background may be, students with involved parents are more likely to:         

  • Pass their classes
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have better social skills and adapt well to school
  • Go on to post-secondary education
The benefits of family-school-community partnerships are many: higher teacher morale, more parent involvement, and greater student success are only a few. That is why PTA developed the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships Implementation Guide, a tool for empowering people to work together with an end goal of building family-school partnerships and student success. For each of the six National Standards for Family-School Partnerships, this online guide provides:


·        An explanation of each standard and its importance

·        Insights to help convince educators of the standard’s value

·        A success story from a school community 

·        Action steps for your school community

·        Resources to enhance your understanding 


The Georgia Department of Education has adopted National PTA Standards for Family-School Partnerships as the state’s model in engaging parents, students and the community.

Not sure where to start? Go to First Steps for easy-to-follow guidelines to kick start your outreach efforts.  

More Recent Research is linking family engagement to student success under the The Dual Capacity Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships

PTAs can play a critical role in supporting “linked to learning” programs and activities to their campuses. Not sure how to start? Here are a few tips to get your team heading in the right direction: 

• Obtain a copy of your School Improvement Plan.
• Review recent test scores from the GA Dept of Education website for your school to see areas that need improvement and areas of strength.
• Schedule a meeting with your principal or other administrator to review results.
• Plan programs and identify resources that can be used to support areas of focus. D9 has developed a list of programs. Your school and central office may have other programs.
• Use Partners in Education, sister schools and other community resources as tutors, mentors, etc.
• Establish an Appropriations line item in budget to process requests for financial support. If unable, consider asking local businesses to sponsor programs.
• Schedule parent information sessions like Lunch & Learns, Coffee Chats with principals, counselors, academic coaches, etc. to cover topics. Consider providing child care if event is in evening.
• Connect with District 9 Family Engagement Specialists for training, presentations, additional resources, etc.

Other Resources/Programs

Family Engagement Template Plan of Work
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